The Chateau Versailles Series 90 saxophone is one of our top of the line professional  instruments. Red brass body with 92% copper for the richest of tone qualities with Abalone key touches for extra luxury. Built with great response from low to high and excellent intonation. Includes case, mouthpiece, cap, and ligature.


  • Gold Lacquer Finish (Pictured)
  • Red Brass Body (with 92% copper)
  • Ribbed Construction
  • Luxuriant Flower Engraving on the Body, Bow, Bell, Rim
  • Double Arms on Bell Keys
  • Air Channel Focus System on Neck
  • High F#
  • Abalone Keys
  • Pisoni Pro Pads
  • Italian Blued Steel Springs
  • Deluxe case included
  • Key of Eb


  • Gold Lacquer (GL)
  • Brush (M)

*Some Finishes may need to be special ordered.

Core Features

Multiple Finishes

Chateau instruments are available in multiple color finishes. Please visit our “Products” page for more information.

Ribbed Construction

The ribbed construction feature has posts soldered to a large plate of brass, which is then soldered to the body, thereby, increasing the durability of the instrument.

Flower Engraving

Luxuriant flower engraving by Chateau. Depending on model, engravings are located on the body, bow, bell, bell rimnge.

Double Arms Design

The high F#

High F# key extends the players range.

Abolone Keys

Abalone key buttons adds to the aesthetics of the instrument. Available in our professional models.