About Chateau Saxophones

The Spirit of Chateau Saxophones

Chateau saxophones have been manufacturing saxophones since 1979. For over 30 years their goal has been the crafting of sophisticated musical instruments that meet the desires of customers while providing all with the highest possible quality of service.

We Care about Production

Chateau carefully controls each aspect of the manufacturing process from materials through to final product focusing upon a single product line. Every element of structure, design, action, acoustics and resonance are perfectly matched. With an appearance recalling the greatest of American Jazz traditions a Chateau saxophone is an inspiration in your hands.

A Saxophone for Life

At Chateau saxophones we continue to pursue our superior quality remit and insistence upon excellent aftercare service. Our continuing existence is due to the support of our valued customers. We sincerely hope to be a part of your passionate musical future.

We listen to You

Through consultations and outreach to partners and musicians in America, Europe, Asia and Africa feedback, thoughts and opinions have been sought which have provided a key to the growth of the brand and led to many breakthrough developments.